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Dr David Glance, Director

Director of the UWA Centre for Software Practice a research centre at UWA which aims to research, develop and educate in the areas of software development.

Research areas of interest include:

Health Informatics/eHealth:

Responsible for the development of MMEx – an eHealth platform that is widely used for clinical functionality in allied, primary, tertiary and specialist care (www.mmex.net.au). Text analysis of clinical information, software implementations in clinical settings and use of mobile technology and social media in health.

Research Quality: I have been involved in developing systems for the management and measurement of research quality factoring in bibliometrics with other metric systems for the purpose of ranking and evaluation.

Social networks for research collaboration: under the general umbrella of eResearch, the use of social networks (myresearchspace.grs.uwa.edu.au) for forstering research collaboration, education and training.

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