Dr. Cliffton Chan

Dr. Cliffton Chan obtained his Doctor of Philosophy degree from the Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney with his thesis entitled “Fit to Play: Physiotherapy-Based Interventions for Professional Orchestral Musicians”. His research was conducted exclusively with the eight premier state orchestras in Australia. He developed and implemented a range of exercise-based interventions and physiotherapy-led triage services as well as co-ordinated the largest Australian trial of the Alexander Technique to address performance-related musculoskeletal disorders in these professional orchestral musicians. He aimed to raise awareness of the high prevalence of performance-related musculoskeletal disorders both to the performing artists and to the healthcare professionals.

Hence, his research has led to multiple internationally peer-reviewed journal publications, and award-winning national and international presentations at performing arts medicine and science conferences. As a practicing musculoskeletal physiotherapist and researcher, he continues to conduct high-quality clinical assessment and intervention research with musicians at all experience levels. Beyond this, Dr Chan is the current Treasurer and Scientific Chair of the Australian Society of Performing Arts Healthcare promoting holistic healthcare to performing artists, educators and healthcare professionals.

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