Event description

Computationally intensive science is more than just big data. More than just excel spreadsheets and number crunching.

As computers get faster, algorithms get smarter, and data becomes more plentiful; computationally intensive methods become a pervasive part of how we do science.

In this event we will survey a range of computationally intensive applications and show how these new approaches to doing science are having an impact on aspects of all our lives.

Professor Michael Small will host this event along with:

  • Michelle Carey (Reflex/Imdex)
  • Berwin Turlach (Maths & Stats, Statistics)
  • Snezhana Abarzhi (Maths & Stats, Applied Mathematics)
  • Anthony Bosco (Telethon Kids Institute)
  • Andreas Wicenec (Professor of Data Intensive Research)


SPEAKER - Michael Small

Professor Michael Small

  • The University of Western Australia, Mineral Resources Flagship, CSIRO
  • CSIRO-UWA Chair of Complex Engineering Systems, School of Mathematics and Statistics