SPEAKER - Bruce Robinson

Professor Bruce Robinson

Key research

Co-leader of a large research team studying cancer immunology and asbestos diseases. The team have made many discoveries, including the first blood test for mesothelioma and have conducted many world-first treatments, including Australia’s first cancer gene therapy trial.


over 150 peer reviewed papers, over 30 books chapters and 2 medical books

Roles, responsibilities and expertise

  • Consultant Physician, Respiratory medicine, Sir Charles Gardner Hospital
  • Research Scientist, Tumour Immunology Group, University of Western Australia. Regularly speaking at major international meetings & has made numerous media appearances relating to science.
  • Lectures, seminars and clinical teaching to 3rd-6th year medical students
  • Co-founder and director of the International Skills and Training Institute in Health [www.istih.org], a philanthropic organization which provides services and training in disaster situations within the Asian region.
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