SPEAKER - joannaelfving-hwang

Dr Jo Elfving-Hwang

Jo Elfving-Hwang is an Associate Professor of Korean Studies, Deputy Head of School of Social Sciences and the Discipline Chair of Asian Studies. Previous to her current appointment she was Junior Professor of Korean Culture and Society and Director of Korean Studies at Frankfurt University (Goethe Universitat Frankfurt am Main). Jo has also previously taught Korean literature at the School of East Asian Studies (the University of Sheffield), and was a Korea Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow at Centre for Interdisciplinary Gender Studies (University of Leeds). She also has an interest in developing teaching and learning practices in the Higher Education system, and has worked as an academic developer and researcher at Sheffield Hallam University’s Centre for Excellence for Teaching And Learning, with a specific interest in Learner Autonomy.

Jo’s current research projects focus on cosmetic surgery practices in South Korea; cultural and social aspects of ageing and the body in South Korea, as well as perceptions of beauty and appearance among Asian Australians. Previously, Jo has worked on Korean women’s literature, North Korean literature, as well as trauma, disaster narratives and national identity in South Korean cinema and literature.

  • Company:The University of Western Australia
  • Short Bio:Deputy Head of School of Social Sciences
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