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Australia-Africa Education Partnerships for Development
AAUN Forum

The AAUN Annual Forum and AGM 2017, assessing education and research partnerships for development, engaging stakeholders, and building sustainable research and exchange programs for the AAUN Strategic Plan 2017-20. Focus: We invite the advice and experience of all attending from government, academia and business in shaping AAUN capacity and impact for the future. In our first 5 years we have established a platform and delivered results. Now we need to build greater effectiveness, opportunity, impact and sustainable resources.

In September 2017 DFAT will invite African Ministers of Education, presenting a significant opportunity. Please note the incorporation of the Ministers in the program for AAUN, flowing in to the ADU Research Forum.
(ii) POLICY.
The UN Sustainable Development Goals, UN Climate Accords, China Belt and Road Approach, Australian and African international policy objectives are highly relevant to AAUN. They provide a policy framework with mutual benefit to Africa and Australia, shaping research, education and economic development. They should also provide resources to implement partnerships and programs.
We will review our progress and results from the 30 seed-funded programs that we have invested in since our launch 5 years ago at DFAT Canberra in 2012; and select the successful ones to build further with appropriate new initiatives. We will strengthen our partnerships with our sponsors, especially DFAT and ACIAR, and seek additional international resources and funding.
We can review and extend our research and mobility programs and interactions with expert exchange, the Australia Awards, international needs and opportunities. Some of our members have highlighted the needs for institutional development and more effort towards linked courses and degrees.
Event Format:
  • SESSION 1. Policy and priorities for AAUN partners and Stakeholders relating to the AAUN Strategic Plan 2017-20.
  • SESSION 2. Review and develop initiatives in education, entrepreneurism, employment and economic development.
  • SESSION 3. Review and develop our initiatives in environment, agriculture, food and nutritional health security.
  • SESSION 4. Implementation of AAUN Strategic Plan 2017-20

Each session has an opening speaker, 3-4 commentators and expert discussants. Chairs and speakers please keep to time. Discussion time for consensus and practical outcomes is a vital part of the workshop.


Open to the public, however priority registration is offered to AAUN members and guests, as seats are limited. Expressions to register are made via this link: http://aaun.edu.au/2017/05/aaun-forum-agm-2017/


For more event information: AAUN ANNUAL CONFERENCE AGM 4 SEP 2017.docx