SPEAKER - Sandra Carr

Professor Sandra Carr

Professor Sandra Carr is the Head of the Division of Health Professions Education in the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Western Australia. As a leader in health professions education and Faculty wide curriculum development for over 18 years, Sandra’s role has been to enable clinicians, scientists, teachers and students to work together to produce quality programs. Sandra has done this by providing expertise, support and enthusiasm aimed to optimize teaching and the learning experience.

Topic: Selected predictors of junior doctor performance in their first postgraduate year: what matters most, their demographics, personal attributes, selection scores or academic performance?

This research explored the proposition that emotionally intelligent, female medical students, with high scores in UMAT section 2, who have performed well on measures of academic achievement will be better prepared for practice as junior doctors, as measured by the Western Australian Junior Doctor Assessment Tool in the first post graduate year. This exploration has taken place through a series of publications representing interconnected mixed methods research projects utilising the same sample of medical students from The University of Western Australia as they moved through the last three years of their undergraduate medical course and during the first postgraduate year of practice as a doctor.

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