Nin Kirkham

Dr Nin (Georgiana) Kirkham

Nin Kirkham’s research area is normative and applied ethics, with a particular focus on issues in environmental ethics and bioethics. She is primarily interested in the concepts of nature and artifice as they are now employed, and have historically been employed, in ethical debates over the legitimacy of new technologies and of manipulations of the environment. Her most recent paper, entitled ‘Transcending Our Biology: A Virtue Ethics Interpretation of the Appeal to Nature in Technological and Environmental Ethics’, is forthcoming in Zygon.

Nin Kirkham completed her PhD in Philosophy in 2008 and has been working at UWA since that time. She is employed in a permanent part-time (0.5) teaching and research position. Her other job is the care of her two young children.

  • Company:The University of Western Australia
  • Short Bio:Philosophy
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