Event description

Me Maker is a special brainstorming session for creative individuals interested in Science, folk who like to exchange ideas, collaborate with others and do good things for the community. During the event, we will consolidate ideas for the design of a cheap educational kit for primary schools kids in Western Australia; for schools that can’t afford to buy expensive educational tools. It is highly important that all children and young people access inspiring and quality classroom kits!

We will discuss how to turn our ideas into deliverables. We will talk about parts for the kit, the budget of the project, from where to get funding (nationally and internationally through international research societies) and set the timeline for the project.

Let’s turn our energy and passion for Science into something beautiful and practical that can serve and inspire others.



Philip Wijesinghe

  • The University of Western Australia
  • School of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering
SPEAKER - Danuta Sampson

Dr Danuta Sampson

  • Lions Eye Institute/The University of Western Australia
  • Research Fellow